Wednesday, September 26, 2012

a pretty dress + the primary program

Last Sunday was our ward's Primary Program. I had to sit on the stand with my class and I knew it would be freezing up there so I wore long sleeves. Silk long sleeves. In Arizona. In September. And I was still cold! I felt really great in this dress, but I knew it was a major keeper when the boy in my class who is not Oliver interrupted me mid-lesson to tell me that it was pretty. Eight-year-old boys aren't terribly observant, so I was completely flattered.

Watching my darling children (including four-year-old Stella) say their speaking parts in front of the entire congregation was pretty wonderful, too.

I found the dress for a song at my local DownEast. Does your DownEast sell jcrew cast-offs, too? Maybe you should check.


  1. You do looke pretty and that little boy was right! Having the primary children standing and reciting in fron of the whole congregation is such a rewwarding experience and of such benefit to them in all that they will do.

  2. That's some serious air conditioning! You look lovely. What's funny is that often I find marked down DE stuff at my local discount store. It's kind of weird, I have no idea how it ended up all the way in MN.

  3. It's so pretty, Steph!

  4. oh that dress is adorable!


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