Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Just inside the canyon lives my mom's very generous friend, Brenda. She lets us swim in her pool when we are in town. I can't imagine a pool with a more stunning view anywhere! We had such a nice time.

Seriously, that view. And that house! Completely gorgeous.

My little sister, Julianne, and her handsome husband, Toni, were visiting from England. I don't know what I would have done without them on this trip. They were so kind and helpful. We love them.

Miles and Stella were brave little swimmers.


  1. oh, thanks steph! i teared up when you left (cleverly hiding them!) because i have no idea when we'll see each other again. so so sad. but it was so lovely to be with y'all for such a long time... hurrah! beijos, jooj.

  2. beautiful images -- julianne and toni are so well suited. those photos are perfect of them. and leslie in her cute suit and hat under that umbrella -- then with that view..ah! it looks splendid.


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