Tuesday, July 31, 2012

general splendour + cousins

If you've never been to Sundance, Utah, might I suggest you plan a trip. It is nestled right there on the back of Mount Timpanogas and is my favorite place in the world.

In the summer it is green and lush. There is horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, ski lift riding, the summer theater, and good food at The Foundry Grill or the deli (plus BYU creamery ice cream up the road at Aspen Grove). (Kari, this is for you!) My parents bought their house there when I was 15, and moved there permanently about five years ago, so it is the closest thing to home for me. Their road and backyard (pictured above and below) leave me speechless every time I visit.

And then when you add cousins, oh! My kids never want to leave! Mabel, Audrey, and Annie were all ready for church. And Sadie and Stella spent lots of time giggling together.

It's heaven, I tell you.


  1. Love these beautifu; pictures and those precious cousins-my great granddaughters!!!

  2. love all three of these posts. your pictures are so gorgeous, like the one of our backyard. we are lucky to live here and that you could all visit us! mom

  3. Ha, I'm reading this the day after we left Sundance!

  4. so many beautiful shots, stephanie. you are a pro.

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