Friday, June 08, 2012

yellow cake

One of my favorite classes in college was a household equipment lab. One of our experiments was baking yellow cake in different pans, and under various circumstances, to see which produced the best result. There were many mornings that semester that I had warm yellow cake for breakfast. Oh, those were good days!

Last Sunday, our dinner assignment was dessert. We didn't have much in our pantry to work with, but we did have everything we needed for a homemade yellow cake with chocolate butter cream frosting. It is a classic and to this day, one of my favorite things to eat for breakfast.

In my household equipment class, we used box cake mixes. Now, I try to make as many things as I can from scratch. Yellow cake is really pretty simple, even Martha Stewart's version, which is what I brought to Sunday dinner.

I used this slightly salty melt-in-your-mouth recipe for chocolate butter cream frosting.


  1. Yellow cake for breakfast! Doesn't sound too bad!

  2. If only John's birthday was a week later. I don't have a go-to yellow cake recipe and that's what he requested for his birthday last night!

  3. My favorite kind of cake!!!

  4. According to your class - what is the best pan to bake it in? What temperature? Any other tips? We want this cake to be as DELICIOUS as possible.

    1. i don't remember! isn't that terrible?! i wish i had kept my notes.

  5. Thank You! Its been too long since I've made cake so inspired by you I made a yellow cake with this frosting recipe last night. The frosting is delicious and a keeper recipe.


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