Tuesday, June 26, 2012

lazy summer days

This week my motivation melted in the desert heat. All of those big projects I wanted to do this summer? Postponed until further notice. Instead we are laying around, reading, napping, watching movies, and finding pools to swim in.

Sometimes a little boredom is a good thing.


  1. I hear ya! A trip to the dr today was our only adventure so I stretched that to go to YC's and then we were so HOT we just came home. I need some new movies and maybe you can recommend a good book to read to my kids. I wondered about A tree Grows In Brooklyn? IDK? I look up to you and Mike so I'm glad to see that you guys just do nothing sometimes. ;) We have all been sick since last week. NOT FUN! Maybe I'll take them for some Yodipity. ;)

    1. i don't know about a tree grows in brooklyn. kind of a heavy book. maybe something lighter like the clementine books or the penderwicks? mabel loved those. hope you're all feeling better!

      p.s. yodipity is closed right now. it's in the process of moving. sorry!

  2. I completely agree! Enjoy!

  3. It's much too hot to do much of anything. I pretty much want to leave and not come back until October.

  4. This is our hottest week so far this summer. We went to the library for story hour and then hibernated for the rest of the day. Pools, books and movies are going to rule our week. Nothing wrong with that!

  5. Anonymous8:30 AM

    I'd definitely stick with the reading if you can get a little one to snuggle with you! This summer I'm working on getting Addison to cuddle with me...it will be grueling work, but it seems like a worthwhile project ;)

  6. Don't blame you-it is too hot in Mesa right now. we are getting our summer but it is 60 i the morning and 80 in the afternoon. Take care,be lazy and enjoy the down time. love you

  7. Finding pools to swim in! I love it!

    Really, my main goal this summer is to get my children into a body of water as often as possible...swimming lessons are great, but it is frequent fun in the water that gives them that confidence.


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