Thursday, April 19, 2012

my big boy

It's kind of a sad day when your little baby moves into a big boy bed.
But he was ready. It was time.

I am still slightly attached to that red crib.
I'm just not ready to give it up, so a headboard it will be.

So far, so good.
Sweet dreams, little Elliot.


  1. ooohhh, that is a sad day, indeed.
    Love the idea of using the crib as a headboard!

  2. Your baby is growing up and I know how sad it is because it happens toooo fast. Love the idea with the headboard. Have you see the setees made out of a crip?
    I will see if I can find the directions again and send them. Just don't let me forget.
    That would be a cool way to save that darling red cribl

  3. oh this made my heart break a bit! so sweet. oh!


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