Saturday, March 17, 2012

spring break, the end

These cousins (+ Parker, who is missing in this photo) had so much fun. So much fun that they all turned into surly teenagers by the end of the week. 

My mom and dad came for a day or two and some hugs. Stella couldn't take one more minute of excitement and finally crashed Friday afternoon.

We found fun, cheap entertainment at the Gilbert Rec Center (the kids climbed for two straight hours!), and silly faces and dinner at Pei Wei.

Miss Audrey turns 11 tomorrow, so we celebrated one night at Elliott and Ginger's house with Pioneer Woman's four layer chocolate cake. It was delicious, and even more amazing the next day (and the day after that, too).

It was quite the week.

Special thanks to Leslie + family for making the long drive into town, and for letting me steal photos 2 and 6 (leslie_ruth on instagram).


  1. i have loved watching your family time together on instagram -- you both do so well at it.

  2. looks like such a fun spring break. we get our break the first week of april. that will be nice. thanks for sharing.

  3. Love the picture of all of the kiddos. Had to copy it so I can see them all!!!
    Great cake, what is the recipe?


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