Monday, January 09, 2012

another instagram dump

We are settling into the new year around here, hoping that this week is better than last (there was too much throw up and not enough sleep), and still figuring out what is essential and what is necessary. I feel so much better about my life when I am focusing on the right things, but I have a feeling that this will be a life-long process. That's ok.

A few highlights from the last little bit:

Stella found glow-in-the-dark stars in her stocking this Christmas. She knew exactly where she wanted each one placed. Mike was a good sport about it. :: And it seems that we have been spending all of our afternoons outside playing in the sun. Can you blame us?

On New Year's Eve I was Julie, from Saturday's Warrior. This required some frizzy curls. These curlers sure did the trick. You can see a full recap of the night here and here. :: A curling iron was responsible for my best hair day ever. I just had to document the brilliance of that wave for my posterity. :)

And this suede skirt and I have seen some good times together, starting with a trip to the temple on the morning of my wedding. Yesterday wasn't so bad, either. :: We have the late slot at church this year. While that's not my favorite, it sure comes in handy when you realize that your Oliver needs a haircut.

How is your new year feeling so far?


  1. Steph, you are wonderful. Re. Hair curls. Wou you believe that all the years that I went to Jr. Hi and Hi School that I rolled my hair up that way. They were strips of cotton rag. Makes nice waves and curls and not bad to sleep on!

  2. love the curl in your hair. i totally forgot about glow in the dark stickers... those are good memories. we are just loving life here. and I'm loving that there isn't snow.

  3. What a fun new years eve party idea. I have to say though, I've never seen Saturdays Warrior. But I have heard of it, so that's something. You look cute anyway.
    I love glow in the dark stars! I had them on my ceiling 'till the day I got married. I almost got some for Grant for Christmas too, but I thought I'd wait 'til he's a little bit older.


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