Friday, December 02, 2011

a few anouncements

For locals: Would you like to do some holiday shopping for a good cause? There is a boutique sale tomorrow, 7am to 2pm, 1719 E. McClellan, Mesa, AZ 85203. The sale benefits the family of Leah Bowles Lowe, who passed away recently after a two year battle with cancer, leaving her husband of 16 years, and four young children. Sounds like a great cause and a fun event. Here's a link for more info.

For everyone: Remember when I told you about Singers Company? Well, I have great news! Singers Company is now opening groups all over the country, including a few here in the Mesa/Gilbert area. Hooray! There might even be one in your neck of the woods! Go here to enroll your girls and here if you're interested in becoming a director of your very own group.

Have a great weekend! I think we'll spend some time sitting in front of our pretty tree (that's where I found Stella last night, singing) and taking it easy. What do you have planned?


  1. Your tree is beautiful! Bless Stella she is a darling. Love you

  2. Stella is such a sweetheart. I hope you're feeling better soon and can get some Christmas baking begun.

  3. My one goal is to beat this cold. Must. Rest. is that possible as a mom??


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