Monday, November 14, 2011

sunday dinners

My kids live for Sunday nights spent at Mike's parents' house. I'm pretty sure it's the highlight of their week. I am thankful that we live close and are able to see them often. I'm thankful that they are willing to feed us each week, and let us make a big mess in their playroom. I'm thankful for good food and good company. Mostly I'm just so grateful to be part of their family.

My contribution to last night's dinner were these brownies. Oh dear. I don't think I'll ever use a brownie mix again.


  1. Yes Steph you are truly blessed to have Mike's parents right close. I remember when you were a little girl I tried to have Friday night family dinners but it didn't work very often even though I cooked every Fri night for anyone that could come.

  2. Both of the grandparents live close enough for Sunday dinners and I too think it is the highlight of the kids week. I am so grateful for it.


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