Monday, November 07, 2011

old friends

When I went away to college, I found some pretty great life-long friends. I am so thankful for them! We are spread across the western states now, but sometimes we are really lucky and we get to see each other in person. I love when that happens. I am grateful that Lindsey was at my house this weekend with her little family. We picked up right where we left off, just like I knew we would.


  1. Anonymous9:56 AM

    awesome! I just wrote a post about our college friends. Sounds like yours are much much farther apart than ours though. I know what you mean about picking up where you left's such a great feeling.

  2. Having lifelong college friends is so special. We have friends that we have been close to for over 6o years and sometimes it is hard to believe it has been that long. We are very blessed because many live close by and others are far away. Facebook and e-mail keep us all connected.
    So glad you got to spend time with Lindsey. Love the picture of the two of you. You look so pretty.

  3. you look so pretty, steph. i miss you! i'm glad you had fun with mrs r and i hope her event went well!

  4. jealous, but grateful to be one of the aforementioned. love you!

  5. Who knew you 2 were like the same height! AZ is the place to be! Steph - we will be down for the week of thanksgiving, it'd be fun to see you too. And i am super excited that mrs. dub is moving to OR, it would be fun to see her sometime too!

  6. This made me tear up a little!!!


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