Friday, November 25, 2011

food and family

We had some serious turkey preparation discussions around here yesterday. It was pretty funny. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love spending time with family and eating yummy food, and not feeling pressure to do anything but count my blessings and eat more pie. Our Thanksgiving was wonderful. I hope yours was, too! Today I am thankful that my brother Matthew, and his wife, Katie, opened their beautiful home to us this weekend. I don't think my kids ever want to leave.


  1. It was a wonderful day to be able to spend time with some of my most favorite kiddos and have a delicious dinner that I did not have to cook. So glad everyone could be there. I am truly blessed.

  2. Hello beautiful kitchen! Wow, it must feel like cooking in a magazine! I love it! The stools and the lights caught my eyes. And the tiled backsplash. And pretty much everything else.
    Thanksgiving really is great. I got to be with my cousins this year and it's always soooooo great to get together with them and eat food that's been prepared just like how my grandma used to make it.
    Enjoy the rest of your visit!

  3. so nice to have family together on thanksgiving -- i fear we never will, being so far out east from everyone else.
    your sister in law has a gorgeous kitchen.

  4. That is a beautiful kitchen.


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