Sunday, October 09, 2011

this weekend

We enjoyed sweater weather for about a second, just long enough to make me realize that we are completely unprepared for cooler temperatures. I don't think Elliot owns one pair of pants. But, it will be back up into the high 90s again this week, so I won't quite worry about it yet.

We took the sun screens off the Arizona room windows for the season! Yipee! Our house immediately became about a thousand times brighter inside. I know those darn screens keep our house cooler in the summer, but I just hate them. Taking them down each fall is my most favorite chore of the whole year.

Also, I thatched the yard and Mike planted our winter grass. And now I can't move my back. Ouch. I am so weak. Or maybe just old?

Anyway, we rewarded our hard work with a date night. Sushi and ice cream make such a great combo. Yum.

It was a solid gold weekend. How was yours?


  1. I had six kids for the last 48 hours and this evening I added in one more for good measure. It was a lot less scary than I expected.

  2. It is funny how opposite our seasonal routines are. I am dreading putting up the storm more fresh breezes through the house. Our grass is green from the rain we've had, but soon will be covered in leaves then snow. Right now I feel a slight panic at the cooler temperatures because I know what it is bringing me for the next 5 months. Getting down the boots and jackets and sweaters and all that makes me sad...I need the sunlight and warmth. (But not the 120 degrees warmth?) My son and I came up with a perfect year round weather situation...and it is a nice combination of where we both live. Snow for no more than 2 months (Dec and Jan which is when you want it!), nice spring temps from Feb till June, under 80 degrees in summer, a nice cool autumn till the snow. If only it really existed! :)

  3. first of all, beautiful photos.
    secondly, i thatched our yard this weekend, too while jay seeded and mulched. my back has never been so sore...not even during pregnancy. i feel SO old.
    also, i've been having jay take our screens off windows, too -- i feel like i can actually see through them now!

  4. sounds like a fun weekend, i'm so happy for you (and me) that summer is almost over.

  5. The Matt Parkers came for dinner yesterday and of course I love it. Hurrah I am so excited that the Parkers and Courts will all be here at Matt's for Thanksgiving. Can't wait to see and hug you all. It willbe so much fun. Love and Hugs


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