Tuesday, October 11, 2011

our favorite fhe activity

When I am an old lady, nights like this will be my favorite to remember, I think. I love our little family bike rides in the cool, fall evening light. Last night's ride ended with a trip to the park. It was just about perfect.


  1. You are making wonderful memories.
    Love you

  2. Stephanie, love your bikes. They are awesome! Sounds like an awesome family tradition!

  3. I love that the kids are wearing helmets but where are the helmets for you and mike? I picked this one out for you. http://www.zappos.com/bell-faction-child-adult-white-crystal-blue-flowers. It is hard to find cute helmets to match the vintage look of the cruiser bikes- these were simple enough...and do you know what is even cuter than that helmet? A mama w/o head trauma! I know that the chances of an accident are slim on those neighbor hood streets but if something ever happened to you guys then we would all miss out on this blog and not to mention the other more important things that would go wrong if you guys got hurt in the head! And I totally post this knowing the full risk of being a nerd.

  4. That is the perfect evening!
    Oh, I so need to get my bike tuned up and ready to ride. It is so perfect out for this sort of thing right now.
    I like how the top of your bike trailer opens up so much... like a convertible.

  5. Love all your bikes!!! and the bell! so cute!! What a fun evening activity :)

    And, yes, doesn't Jeff look just like Grandad!?! We have a picture of Grandad when he was in the Air Force (maybe 19 or 20 years old) next to a picture of Jeff from his high school graduation...it's eerily similar! Guess we know Jeff is in the right family ;) LOL

  6. your bikes are sweet. and your little neighborhood is cute too. what great memories

  7. I love your bike! Who is the maker. Was it an expensive bike?


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