Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Life is just easier when it's nice outside.

That's what I realized today. Because today we had completely perfect weather. Oh, it was heaven! It's just the little things, like loading the kids in the car. Or walking across a parking lot. Or playing at the park. It's easier when the sun isn't beating down on you, making you sweat right through your shirt. Hooray for fall! All of our windows are currently open and a seriously cool breeze is blowing through the house. I hope it's finally here to stay.


  1. These are the EXACT same words I say, only replace "beating sun" with "blasting -30 degree wind chill". Winter in Iowa is a beast and can last oh so long. I hear from my Phoenix cousin that is the way summer is in Arizona.

    Love your pictures, love your blog!

  2. Your weather sounds wonderful.. hope it stays this way until next summer.

  3. I forget how I stumbled upon your blog (pumpkin recipes maybe?) but I'm thrilled to see you're from AZ. I live here too (Mesa) and I have to say, I thought the SAME EXACT THING on Wednesday after taking my daughter to the park. How lovely it was! I'm still feeling giddy about it even today. Bye Bye heat, for sure.


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