Wednesday, September 07, 2011

the time when I pretended to be a wedding photographer

The ceremony was inside this beautiful chapel, which is part of Toni's college at Oxford.

Toni chose the flowers, and I made the ring pillow.

During the ceremony, Julianne read a poem and Toni read a scripture. She found her 100 year old dress online and it fit her perfectly. Isn't it stunning?

At the last moment, she realized that she didn't have any stockings to wear. So I lent her mine. She then had something old (her dress), something new (her shoes), something borrowed (my stockings), and something blue (the pretty velvet ribbon on her dress). Leslie, my mom, and I helped her get ready in my parents' little hotel room just down the street from the chapel.

Mr. and Mrs. Weis with my mom and dad.

some post-ceremony candids

Miles was the ring bearer in his handsome suit. The entire H* family made the trip.

The reception was held in the rector's garden. A traditional British tea was served. It was so pretty and very delicious. Scones! Clotted cream! I didn't eat nearly enough.

These two are very much in love.

My siblings were all able to come, thanks to our wonderfully supportive spouses. That's Elliott, Lincoln, Toni, Jooj, Leslie, me, and Matthew. Toni is a special guy and he fits right into our family. I am so happy to have him as my brother.

When not doing wedding things, we toured the grounds at Blenheim Palace, wandered around the little town of Woodstock, and walked all over Oxford. England is one of my favorite places to visit, and this trip was a dream. Next time, though, I'm bringing Mike and the kids. 


  1. breathtaking. literally. julianne looks so lovely and toni so handsome. the setting -- gorgeous. you and leslie look amazing. what a happy day for your family.

  2. These pictures are fabulous!! Julianne looks absolutely gorgeous! Congrats to her and Toni...and how cool that all the siblings came!! Very cool!


  3. not sure what you are talking about you are a great photographer. you take great pictures and have a good eye. not saying that your other eye is bad!!! very pretty place.

  4. Absolutely beautiful pictures. What an amazing trip.

  5. yay steph. this post summed it all up so perfectly, i love it so so much! i've sent it to some of toni's family to see too. yay yay yay. thanks again, also thanks for the paypal! very much appreciated. love you tons.

  6. You are GOOD! And I just LOVE everything about this wedding. Of course the dress takes the cake.

  7. Wow, that's all I can say. Beautiful family, beautiful day, beautiful dress!

  8. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Oh, thanks for sharing. So, so pretty.

    Of course we all know about the sisters' blogs but I had no idea you had three brothers as well. What a beautiful family!

  9. Thanks for the great pictures, Stephanie. I wish we had been able to get away to be there. Julianne is beautiful; we're looking forward to meeting Toni. We enjoyed seeing your lovely family in Mesa.

  10. beautiful wedding. Can I ask how you got your hair to curl like that? I've been trying to get mine to do that with out success.

  11. hi meredith. i use a skinny curling iron for my hair. i start at the roots and slowly move the curling iron to the ends, holding it vertically to create a spiral curl. when i'm done, i loosen the curls with my fingers and spray with hairspray. good luck!


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