Saturday, September 03, 2011

day twenty: Sunday shoes

This one is a piece of cake, as I am attending my sister's wedding today. Sunday shoes are a must. I hope it doesn't rain! I'm pretty pleased with how my dress turned out. I think it's just right for a wedding in an old English chapel followed by tea in the garden, don't you think? After the past twenty days, you can't possibly be surprised that I chose pale pink.

I'm skipping out on the final day of the challenge, but I'll be back soon with a full report of my trip.

p.s. I used Simplicity 2180, if you feel inclined to make one for yourself. I'd highly recommend it.


  1. i've gotta say you look gorgeous ....those sleeves...divine xoxo

  2. You look so pretty. I love the sleeves. Enjoy!

  3. The flower belt goes so well with the dress. Very pretty.

  4. Steph you look awesome!! Great the belt!! Have a safe trip and a wonderful time!! Congrats to your sister!


  5. Love the d ress and you look beautiful. Just right for Julianne's wedding.
    Love you

  6. Just beautiful Stephanie - so pretty!

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