Friday, August 26, 2011

day twelve: jazzed up jeans and tee

Jeans and tees are my most classic ensemble. There were years of my life where I just wore little boys' white tee shirts. Everyday. I'm glad to say that I have moved on, but slipping back into comfy jeans and a tee will always feel like coming home.

Today I tried to be a little bit sophisticated with this pretty ruffled top and ballet flats. Although, I'm not sure how sophisticated the half-tuck is. Also, I think I need a belt.

Oh well.


  1. You should know that I look forward to these posts everyday. I know you're tired of taking pictures of yourself but I love seeing the variety and I've even been playing along a little bit! I did pattern mixing and color blocking and the monochromatic day. Such great ideas!

  2. You are always so classy. I love the colors you stick to as well. So soft and feminine.

  3. I love the ruffle shirt and flats...and I've been sporting just a little front tuck-in these days to show off a belt! that's the casual part of classy!!

    also wanted you to know I cried reading Josie's post about her mother-in-law also. ♥

  4. Those jeans are so great! Where did you get them?

  5. jeans are from loft and are a touch more blue in real life.

  6. i had a boy's white t-shirt phase too. funny.


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