Sunday, August 21, 2011

day seven: layered accessories

Ok. Instead of calling my wardrobe boring, I think I'll say it's subtle. That sounds better, right? Today I layered pearls with my little initial necklace. Stella loves when I wear this necklace. She will sit on my lap at church and quietly study the letters for the longest time.

I don't often blog on Sunday, so I am going to steal an idea from my sister. This Sunday, I am grateful for many things. First, air conditioning. It is currently 89 degrees in our house. Our air conditioner gave up the fight last night and we are sweltering. But just think of how much money we are saving on our electric bill! Just kidding. It's totally not worth it. I am grateful that we have lots of family nearby who will let us come cool off at their house. Despite our pink cheeks and sweaty faces, today has been a good day. I am grateful for Sundays. I love the boost I get from going to church and spending the day with family. It is the best way to start a new week.


  1. love the look...almost just like mine!!

  2. You are tough- when the power went out a few weeks ago we were getting out of our house before it got to 85 in here! Hope you guys are staying cool now. I like your little initial necklace!

  3. This one is my favorite.


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