Thursday, July 14, 2011

Singers Company

So, my very talented sister-in-law, Katie, has been teaching girls confidence through music and dance for years from her home. My Mabel was lucky enough to be one of her Singers Company students years ago when we lived in California. It was a wonderful opportunity and I have often lamented that there isn't something like that for Mabel or Stella to participate in where we live now. In this fun, non-intimidating atmosphere, Mabel gained the confidence to sing and perform in front of a large audience. She was able to meet other girls her age and make new friends. It was something she looked forward to each week.

Here is the good news: Katie has recently expanded her business and is now offering the chance for women everywhere to start a Singers Company group of their very own! This is an amazing opportunity for you or someone you know to start a business without leaving home. If there is a stay-at-home mom, a teacher or another woman in your extended family or friendships that you think could benefit financially and has the personality conducive to directing a group, please send them Katie's way! By visiting the Singers Company website, you can learn more about how just a few hours a month can translate into thousands of dollars.

Here's a quick little video to tell you what Singers Company is all about:

Click over to the website for more information and to find out how to start or join a group in your area!

I am really hoping someone does this near me. I'd really love to send my girls!


  1. Yay for out Katy. What a great opportunity for stay at home mothers.

  2. Oh my goodness, I'm all over this! What an amazing idea!

  3. Why dont you do it?

  4. Hi Stephanie!
    LOVE your blog. I came across it from Danyelle's blog and have spent more time than I care to admit purusing it. Anyway, "singers company" sounds amazing and I totally recognize Katie from my home stake growing up (Merced, CA). I think she was just a year or two older than me but I always looked up to her as an amazing singer.
    Anyway, I've never commented before, but just thought I'd pop by and say hi.
    Have a lovely weekend!


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