Monday, December 20, 2010

We're ready.

 our homey tree, crooked star and all

Our Christmas cards have been put in the mail (phew). Treats have been baked (to be delivered to friends tonight for Family Home Evening). Movies have been watched. Lights have been viewed. And the presents have been wrapped (in some sort of secret code by Mike) and are waiting under the tree.

Is it Christmas yet?


  1. It's hard to wait for Christmas once everything is ready. I just have some baking and cleaning to do to prepare for my sisters, but really Christmas could come tomorrow and we'd be fine. I hope it hurries!

  2. We aren't putting presents under the tree until the 23rd. I dont want to fight kids not to carry, throw, stand on, shake, or unwrap anything for longer than 2 days!

  3. you are a lot closer to be ready then us. i still feel like i have tons to do. love your tree.

  4. yay! your tree! i hope you guys can crack the wrapping paper code so you don't all get someone else's gifts. cuz mike would totally think that was funny.


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