Friday, November 12, 2010

I've been serging.

No. 12: I am thankful for my serger. I'm taking a teeny break from painting to make curtains, and I've been using my serger all afternoon. I'm not sure how I ever got along without it.

Do you want to marry your serger, too?


  1. i don't want to marry my serger cuz i don't have one, but will you hem a pair of jeans for me when we come? please?

  2. I do love my serger and once I mastered threading the bad boy I loved it even more! I do agree, I dont know what I would do without one now.

  3. Wish I had one! I go over to my friends house and use hers occasionally.
    Glad you have one though.
    Love you

  4. I so so so want a serger!! Especially with my current project, it would be SO NICE to have!

  5. I do not want to marry my serger although I do appreciate it! Mine is at least 20 years old and I cannot get the tension right on it to save my life! It was was free, however, from a friend who got a fancy new one so I guess I should love it just a little! OK, I guess I do!

  6. I'm not sure I'd use a serger that much but I love my sewing machine. I just made a headband and burpcloth for baby gifts and some cloth napkins for a wedding gift. Life is good.

  7. Love love love my serger!!! Has made making projects so much more fun :)

  8. i want to marry your serger.
    The picture is killing me.
    That is the serger of my dreams.
    Currently, i own a Coverlock (Pfaff) not like the fact that i have to change everything to do a coverstitch.
    Man, you are lucking to own "THE EVOLVE!!!!"


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