Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I need a uniform.

The big purge of oh ten completely decimated my closet. But that's ok, because honestly, I didn't really like any of my clothes.

Mike and I decided that we need to start dressing like adults, anyway. This means no more grungy loungewear. No more flip flops. No more boring tee shirts. It is time to create my uniform.

From now on, I am only buying clothes that I love, that fit and flatter my figure, and that fit into the parameters of my uniform: blouses, dark straight legged jeans, casual flats. I want quality, not quantity. Quality fabrics. Good fit. Classic style. That's my goal.

I don't know why it took me so long to figure it out, but I feel really good about it.

What is your uniform?

p.s. I made my collage in polyvore. Have you been there? It's a fun place.


  1. I had a "uniform" similar to what you are describing. Then I got pregnant... Now I'm dreaming of the day I can wear regular clothes again!

    Don't forget cute skirts!

  2. ME TOO!!!! I am a flared jeans and solid cotton tshirt or tank girl. I swear I wear jeans, solid shirt and flip flops EVERY day. I've never really been "trendy" when it comes to clothes but can dress other people pretty well. SO the other day I said 'that's it - I'm going to buy stuff outside of my comfort zone' and got myself.... SKINNY JEANS. OMG if you only knew how much I made fun of these... and now I'm totally rockin a pair - and LOVE THEM. Picked up a few longer shirts that hit my hips and some wedges...even got a pair of ballet flats that are wool lined for the winter. Anyway - I tested out my new look at a baby shower where I didn't know anyone except for the guest of honor who I haven't seen in a long time - and think I pulled off the look like I wear it all the time.

    Sorry - this was really long... but these skinny jeans (or leggings) and long shirts just may be my new "uniform".

  3. Stephanie,
    I'm totally with you on this! I'm forever making the same vow, then find myself getting sucked into buying plain tees, that are not quality. But I do have some nicer clothes. I think I'll go off & put some of them on now!

  4. Ooh, you sound just like Ms. Bagley! I think you look great in everything I've seen you in. You collage looks great. As for me, I don't think I could ever give up flip-flops... but I do try to keep enough grown-up clothes around for occasions that warrant them :)

  5. Stephanie. So I think that choosing Jack Purcell's is very grown up- the converse that is more grown up than Chuck Taylor's I guess! I don't know if I can see you not in Converse- they are timeless! I am no fashionista- not even close. I am kinda' picking classics. I mean, I'm sure a trouser cut pant or jean and cardigans will never go out of style, right? (ummm i've been wearing them sense 1993)You can do thhe cardigan with a Tee or blouse and/or some jewelry. And I've grown partial to Dansko clogs too- seems like they are pretty solid- not like the latest in fashion, but pretty classic. I'm going to get a brown pair soon. And as long as you are not wearing skate shoes- you are dressing like a grown up! (in my opinion- but today I will probably wear some cut off shorts a t-shirt and flip flops!!! i don't think I'll ever stop! )

  6. Anonymous9:11 AM

    My uniform is similar, but with a Kate/Audrey Hepburn twist. I essentially have 4 colours in my wardrobe: pink, purple, red, and green. Secondary colours are black and aqua. Sewing my uniform has been so much fun!

    I love the converse in your picture! I love polyvore, too. It's like paperdolls for grown ups! :)

  7. Very cute stuff on your collage. I'm digg'n the tiered tank. That would be so cute under the cream cardigan you have on there too.
    I feel that my uniform is split. I have the plain shirts and jeans and flip flops for when I feel casual and young, and then the cute nicer stuff for when I need something nicer. I think that I'm just a confused clothing person.
    I totally support your effort. I can't stand clothes that are cheaply made, even though I own them. Your selections are beautiful..go for it!

  8. I had a uniform...and now I'm a stay at home mom and I have "what fits over nursing boobs"...

    mostly: jeans/skirt + nursing tank + jacket/cardi when necessary. shoes: chucks.

    tip: a well fitting solid t + slacks + driving loafer = put together & comfy.

    well fitting jeans + button down is the same.

    and keep a couple of pairs of flattering yogapants and tank tops (i really like the target ones) and cute flip flops for lazy sundays.

    but you're right: if every single thing you own fits well, even when you do nothing, you'll look great.

    good luck!

  9. I really need a uniform. The one I am trying to transition to is cardigans, A- Line skirts, or dresses, or shift dresses, tops are still throwing me, hence the dresses and nice flats for every day. That is my dream :)

  10. I guess my uniform is still made up of boring t-shirts and easy jeans with little flare on the bottom, and that's mainly because they're easy to replace after being stained-to-death(!) by fingers and noses and mouths.

    But I love totally retro Bella Pamela aprons and I go to her site just to spend a few minutes coveting them and dreaming of the day that I'll have one for each day of the week to be part of my uniform just like June Cleaver. I'd even wear pearls with with my boring t-shirt, jeans, and BP apron to spice things up.

  11. you've inspired me - i went through my closet in the middle of the night when i couldn't sleep and got rid of the things i have that i don't love and never choose to wear. it was so cleansing.
    though i do so wish i had been there for your decloseting...everything i see you in i covet, so hand-me-downs from you wold be a dream for me.

  12. i love your style, mine is very similar! the pink flats are amazing.

  13. I could have typed this post myself AND made that collage. Do I actually own anything similar, no but I hope to. I've been dreaming of a shopping spree for months and keep saying when I've lost the baby weight... I think the time to do both is NOW, lol.

    If ever there was a uniform, you picked out some great styles to start with!

  14. I splurged on a Shabby Apple dress this week:)


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