Wednesday, April 14, 2010

little things

To prepare for little Elliot's arrival, this week I did lots of little things.

Like washed the car seat cover.
Bought newborn diapers (they're so teeny!).
Made a changing pad cover and some burp cloths.
And started making weekly visits to my friendly OB.

His room is fully stocked and ready to go.
I, however, am not quite so ready.
Visions of the bright white surgery room awaiting me are giving me night sweats.
(I have c-sections. No homey labor and delivery room for me. Boo.)
I'm trying not to think about the surgery, just the adorable, chubby, delicious result.

The countdown is getting serious.
Only 3 more weeks!


  1. Anonymous5:53 AM

    I'm so ready to have this baby!! I'm sorry you don't get to labor/deliver, but I wonder if its better to know ahead of time rather than it be a surprise? I feel like I'd be crying and fighting hysterically about having a c-section! I wish you calm feelings on the subject really soon!!

    I have everything ready, even the bags, so she can come out Friday, if she'd so like :)

  2. The first OB appointment I had this time they gave me one of those sample packs of baby goods. There was a little newborn diaper in the pack, and I've been keeping it on the kitchen island to remind me how little these boys are going to be.
    So cute!

  3. this is getting serious steph!! it's so exciting and i can't wait for pics and skype-visits... :) love you all so much.

  4. Yes, you are indeed on the countdown. Good luck with the c-section. You're a pro at this now, though, right?

  5. Hi, I've had 2 c-sections and I also had a bit of a panic thinking about them before-hand. My top tip is to try not to think about it too much until the point that you're getting the epidural. Then just concentrate on the fact that in about 15 minutes time (that's all!) you'll have a lovely little baby and it'll all be over. No 48 hour labour to struggle through!! If that fails then concentrate on the fact that you're doing this for either your health or the health of the baby and that it is therefore the best thing you can do. I was terrified before having my first c-section but I read a terrific book called 'Stand and Deliver' that really made me feel ready and positive about about it. Good luck. It'll all be fine!

  6. how exciting! you'll do a great job at surgery and at mothering 4 little cuties.

  7. The diapers SEEM so little but then do you remember how big they are on the babies? It's amazing how something so little (baby in a newborn diaper) can feel so big (baby in your tummy and being delivered!!!) Too bad I'm not going to be in AZ in three weeks... :) That would be so fun.

  8. I vividly remember the last few weeks waiting for my babies to be born. Such an exciting, nerve-wracking time! Well done getting everything in order. And hopefully you'll have lots of help after little Elliot arrives.

  9. I love newborn baby nappies. They are just so small and cute!

  10. I love these posts Stephanie.

    It is so fun preparing for the baby, thinking about the c-section not so much fun. I will do the same as you and think about the sweet result instead :)

    I just bought nb diapers this week too! I forgot just how little they were.

  11. I stop by your blog every so often and did not realize until last night how close you are to your due date. I am 4 weeks or so behind you with my first little one on the way. I hope to be just as prepared as you are now.

  12. very exciting!
    who is your doc? i am not sure who i would use next time.

  13. Would you like me to get you some sun glasses with tinted lenses so the surgery room isn't bright white? Pink or Blue could be nice. :)

  14. I will be saying special prayers for peace for you as you face another c-section. That does sound unpleasant and scary.

    Loving preparing for Baby "with" you!! Your little ones must be getting so excited!


  15. I just wanted to say that picture would be so cute for a baby shower invite?

  16. You are such a fabulous Mama, Stephanie. I'm excited for your soon to be arrival! And how fun that your arrival and my soon to be arrival will be arriving so close!


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