Monday, April 26, 2010

I like being pregnant

even though I am feeling pretty uncomfortable at this point. I'm trying not to think about that. Since this very well might be my last baby (I think 4 c-sections is kind of pushing my luck), I am focusing on the positive. So I've compiled a list.

Things I will miss about being pregnant:

My rock hard big tummy. I'm so not looking forward to the post delivery squishiness.

Feeling the baby move. This is my favorite thing about pregnancy. It is magical. I love it.

The anticipation. It's so exciting to be expecting a new little person! What will he look like? Will he be bossy like Stella, or easy going like Mabel, or clever like Oliver? I can't wait to meet him.

Nesting. I love the cleaning and organization that comes with nesting. It makes me very happy to have an ordered house.

Feeling like it's ok to laze around on the couch all day. During pregnancy is the only time I feel ok doing this. I'm especially living it up this final week and a half.

Am I missing anything? What is your favorite thing about pregnancy?


  1. I would add to the list, being able to eat more :)

    I always liked being pregnant too; with the exception of those last few weeks with my twins, pregnancy was always a pretty great time for me too!

    You have such cute maternity clothes, by the way.

  2. I like the anticipation of pregnancy, but I really admire all the positives you've found. By the time I'm a week and a half from my delivery, I have a hard time thinking of anything positive besides the sweet baby that will be born. :)

  3. The movement, for sure. And hearing the heartbeat at dr appointments.

    I love how complete strangers will notice my belly and kindly smile (and hold doors or offer to help with something.)

    The idea that my body is sustaining the life of a tiny new person. It really is incredible and miraculous.

    I love being pregnant, too :)

  4. I love that I can eat anything and not feel guilty about it (a.k.a. chocolate, pastries, and lots of bread)! :)

  5. Nothing!

    But I do love the birth experience. I love the first day with a newborn. That is so magical. For me, it is the light at the end of a very long pregnancy tunnel.

    My baby is a month old now, and I have treasured every day with her, knowing how fast it goes by. Enjoy the birth!

  6. it's too bad i enjoy lazing around whether or not im pregnant. imagine what i'll look like when i am!

    best of luck in the final prego days!

  7. I like having an excuse to have a messier house (lacking energy and not nesting yet!), eating a lot and not having to suck in afterwards, and feeling the baby move. Really that's my favorite part!

  8. I think you just about covered it for me. I do also love hearing Mo talk about the baby coming. Seriously melts my heart.

  9. I love feeling and watching the baby move. This is my first pregnancy, so there is so much mystery involved with the movements. I have yet to realize that there is a little person alive inside of me.

    ....33/34 weeks pregnant

  10. One time at Fry's I parked in the "Expectant Mothers" parking spot and when I got out of my car some lady looked at me, then at my stomach, then back at me and smiled. It was awesome. I just figure that one day I expect to be a mother so I should be able to park there as well.

    So in response to your question. I like when strangers smile at me when they think I'm pregnant.

  11. i'm 20 weeks into my first pregnancy and here are my favorite things so far:

    1) ultrasounds -- getting to see my little boy on the screen

    2) not having to suck in -- i'm starting to get my baby belly in but instead of feeling like i need to suck in or hide it with a baggy shirt, i can show it off!

    3) feeling the baby kick -- i felt the first few kicks on Saturday afternoon. it was magical.

    good luck!!

  12. There are so many wonderful things about being pregnant that I kind of feel cheated out of enjoying them because I felt so sick and ill for the entire time.
    I think my favourite things were feeling her kick and moving around inside me. And also loving my tummy. I usually hate it and hide it away but I loved my big round tummy and didn't mind nice tight clothes for once!

  13. Anonymous12:22 PM

    I love all the same reasons, and I love how my hubby would talk to my belly and rub it all the time. He's even cuter now with our baby!
    Oh yeah, I felt my most beautiful when I was pregnant. Everyone said I had a glow!!

  14. This was a perfect little post for me to find today. I'm in the first trimester with my 2nd baby and feeling very sick. This list helped me remember there are good things about being pregnant. Can't wait to get over the sick part (last time it was 22 weeks).

  15. I LOVE being pregnant!
    The movement, the anticipation, the belly! That about sums it all up!
    by the way, your belly is ADORABLE!

  16. I love being pregnant too, pretty much everything about it.

  17. Anonymous7:13 PM

    I love eating anything I desire without having to worry about how I look like, I'm pregnant after all.
    I love feeling the baby kick and move around.
    I love wearing maternity clothes.
    I love when my husband & son kiss my belly.
    I love my growing belly.
    You can tell I'm still in my second trimester, the nice stage-LOL

  18. Anonymous1:11 AM

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  19. i think since i work its going on maternity leave.. man its been nice to have 3 months off!

  20. I loved feeling the baby move too...nothing like it and I will miss that for the rest of my life.

    By the way, that is such a little compact baby looks like those fake things the celebrities wear...all skinny everywhere else but a little bump. I was always pregant EVERYWHERE!

  21. enjoy all those little pregnancy things for me. who knows if i will ever be pregnant again, either.

    and hurry and get The Historian so you can read it before the baby comes and we can talk about it. :)

  22. Baby moving is #1. Eating without guilt is #2.

    The end result isn't too shabby either!

  23. i love having a big huge belly and feeling the baby move around

  24. I love feeling the baby move, especially at the end when the movements are big. I love seeing the baby right after they are born!

    Was wondering where you get long enough shirts for the end of pregnancy. I have a couple of Shade shirts, but I loved your hot pink one!

  25. The feeling that you're special--the smiles and consideration of total strangers given you just because you are doing this most important job of "housing" a baby for 9 months.

    Everyone seems to approve of you in those months!! :)

  26. Aw, so precious! :)

    -Rachel <3

  27. I'm so jealous that you have such wonderful feelings of being pregnant! I can look at that list and say, "yeah- I could see that." But I honestly never feel those feelings. Spending most of my time over the toilet or hooked to i.v.'s killed it all. But I've told Tyler maybe I had that experience because otherwise I would have had a million babies I couldn't take care of?!!!

  28. being Pregnant is the best! You get the best parking spots, and people dote over you (;


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