Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The crib is ready.

Can someone please tell Stella that it's time for her to move out?

I really liked the design of Stella's crib bumper, so I kept it, just substituting the toile and check for the flowers. It's not fancy. But I was going for subtle and calming, anyway.

7 more weeks.

p.s. I think I felt my first ever-in-my-life contractions while booking it through Walmart the other day. Please note: Saturday afternoon trips to Walmart should be avoided at all costs. Whether you are 8 months pregnant or not.


  1. The bedding looks very sweet and cozy.
    Please tell me you have at least felt braxton hicks before? I've been getting those for the last month already.

  2. It looks lovely and so peaceful. Can I come ove rand take a nap? How does Stella feel about a big girl bed? Good luck with that!

  3. Looks just perfect in your red crib.

  4. too sweet.. wow 7 more weeks.. best wishes..

  5. oh my, please explain how you have never felt a contraction

  6. i tend to try to avoid shopping at walmart at any time... but it's just so darn close (and cheap). saturday afternoons are the absolute worst though; i agree.

  7. amen, to no saturdays to walmart. they are crazy and more so for me is no returning things to walmart on saturdays. that is crazy.

  8. I went to Walmart to return a few things the day before I had my daughter last fall. I don't know what I was thinking! Bleh!

    This is kind of random but I was wondering how you painted your crib or if you bought it red. I wasn't sure what kind of paint would work with a baby.

    Love you blog- it's so pretty!


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