Thursday, January 14, 2010

Picking oranges for dinner is an adventure.

I nearly sacrificed life and limb for those oranges.

Oh that Champ.


  1. beautiful oranges. Nothing like one right off of the tree. Do you remember all of the orange trees that we used to have? Now we only have one but it is enough for us.
    Love that dog.
    lov ya

  2. mom, that was champs b-day!


  3. how are you liking him in general? i think i need to remember that i like the *idea* of things better than the things themselves. whatever "they" may be... but our dog is growing on me. she is so naughty sometimes, though. she drives me a bit crazy.

    and you used those for dinner? what recipe? do tell!

  4. your photo is lovely - composition and colors just come alive!

  5. happy birthday champ! we can try making friends with our next dog.

  6. ooooo, those juicy oranges make my mouth water. I hope you enjoyed every last drop.
    The squirrels around here eat the inside of the citrus, and leave the round peel pretty much intact.

  7. Love this picture. Happy Birthday Champ!


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