Friday, January 08, 2010

our week in the snow

We spent the week after Christmas at my parents' house in snowy Sundance, Utah.
Here's a quick recap:

Some of us went sledding.
And some of us were too pregnant to sled and took pictures instead.
It looked so fun!

Some of us wore turtlenecks.
And some of us decided that Stella should only ever wear turtlenecks for the rest of her life.

Some of us got into heated matches of fencing on wii Sports Resort.

And some of us played a lot of Beatles Rockband.
(Ok, all of us played a lot of Beatles Rockband.)

Some of us had our boyfriend visiting from Germany and couldn't stop smiling.

And some of us got sparkly princess fingernails from Mimi.

Some of us played in the snow.
And some of us stayed in the warm house and took pictures through the window. :)

Since all 6 of my parents' children live in a different state, it was nice to all be together for a bit. I don't think I saw Mabel and Oliver the entire week. They were so busy with their cousins. Every night, while the kids were having their pre-bed hot chocolate, they would break into group song. Beatles songs, of course.

Oh, it was fun.
Thank you Mom and Dad!


  1. oh, what a fun xmas you had. my kids love to eat the snow, then they wonder why their hands get cold. someday they will get it:)

  2. Looks & sounds so great! Yay for cousins.

  3. What a memorable time!

  4. it sounds like you had such a fun time!

    and i want the Beatles rockband game so bad!!

  5. Looks like a fun time! My sister's family got the Beatles Rock Band for Christmas too! It's very addicting!

  6. That sounds like so so so much fun!

  7. your pictures are all so great. love the one of mom playing and lincoln singing! i want to go back. :(

  8. Sounds like you guys had a great time with family..How many monthes are you now..Lets see some belly photo's..Hugs from Canada...

  9. orange you glad to be home though? away from all that freezing snow.

  10. Sounds heavenly.


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