Thursday, October 29, 2009

the lovliest kind of day

some highlights from our day:

Oliver didn't freak out when he got 3 shots this morning at the doctor. (He has been known to majorly freak out.) But today he was so brave.

Other than the doctor appointment, we didn't have a thing we needed to do, which meant naps, relaxation, and snuggling for everyone.

We ate pumpkin pie frozen yogurt.

Mike came home from work early (yay!), just in time to teach Oliver how to ride his bike at the park behind our house. It was a success.

It was sunny, breezy, and cool. I even wore long sleeves. It was so very nice.

I hope your day was lovely, too.


  1. Treasure those! Seems the older kids get, the more "stuff" you have to do. Can't wait for some winter with less activities so we can hibernate here. The ONLY good thing about Utah.

  2. As a former Mesa girl I commend you for enjoying the splendid weather you are having! It more than makes up for the hot summer in my mind!

    Hooray for the new cyclist in your family! That is always such a big milestone for a child! (and sometimes such a hard thing to teach!)

    Was my day lovely? I suppose. My home and family were just fine. The weather in Utah Valley however...

  3. Was Mommy as brave and didn't cry?
    I always dreaded the babies having their immunizations. :(
    I'm glad the rest of your day was lovely, though.


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