Friday, September 04, 2009

I wish you could smell my kitchen.

Because it smells like heaven.

Every January, when Mike and I are discussing resolution ideas, he suggests that one of mine could be to learn how to bake bread. So I wasn't surprised when one of my birthday presents this year was this fancy bread machine. But do you want to know something? Homemade bread is so yummy, and is so so easy to make, that I am happy to oblige his bread making fantasies.

Isn't my loaf pretty? This is our new everyday bread. I think my favorite feature of the machine is the crust control. You can choose either light, medium, or dark crust. Brilliant.

Do you have any bread making tips? What are your favorite recipes? Please share.


  1. I posted the recipe to THE BEST WHOLE WHEAT BREAD EVER (for machines)

    what's the recipe you used for that lovely loaf picture? Do share.

  2. the only bread i've ever made is the amish friendship bread! ha! but, its good and doesn't require a break maker :)

  3. I think I can smell it! And it smells gooooood. :)

    My two favorites are 2 Hour Bread (really, start to finish in 2 hours-- maybe even a little less!) and Peasant Bread. And Homemade Rolls. We can't forget about homemade rolls.

    My mouth is starting to water.

    (I'll post the recipes for anyone interested on my blog.)

  4. i was given a bread maker and i've used it a couple of times, i need to use it more. your bread looks yummy!

  5. my mouth is watering!

  6. Nothing better then homemade bread. Only one problem with me making it I absolutely love it warm with real butter and it is next to impossible to stop eating it!
    Love you

  7. You are tempting me to start my Christmas list early...that bread maker looks awesome...and of course, the bread looks good too.

  8. jay is a bread making fiend. every sunday and usually sometime during the week, he makes a loaf. he uses our bread maker and a recipe he found in the small recipe book that came with it. the best thing about it is that it makes an express loaf (with express yeast) and we have it in less than a hour from arriving home from late church. heaven on a plate.
    i must also say that your red flower arrangement in the background is lovely.

  9. We have a breadmaker and our favorite is Honey-Wheat bread. The honey makes it taste sweet.

  10. I have a bread maker that I have used one time. It was gross. (Ok, it was a box from the Grocery Store) I would love to find out what recipe you are using and give it a try again!

  11. It looks so yummy! I am afraid that if I were to make homemade bread, I would be consuming way more calories and I'd have to cut something else out. I guess I'm just not ready to make the change. There are few things better than good homemade bread. Have fun with the breadmaker!

  12. here is my favorite multigrain recipe. even though it has all kinds of crazy things in it, it is smooth and delicious. i love it warm with butter and jam or butter.

    1/4 C honey
    3 Tb oil
    1 1/4 C buttermilk (I use 1TB + 1tsp lemon juice + milk)
    1 1/2 tsp salt
    2 C whole wheat flour
    1 C white flour
    1/4 C bulgur
    1/4 C oats
    2 TB toasted wheat germ
    1 pkg active dry yeast

    *Add ingredients to bowl of breadmaker in order listed
    Make a small well on top and pour in yeast.
    Set to light crust setting and whole wheat.

    3 1/2 hours later - enjoy!

    what is the recipe to the one you posted the picture of??

  13. sorry, i should have posted this to begin with. here is the recipe i have been using:

    1 c warm water
    2 tbl sugar
    2 tsp yeast
    1/4 c veg oil
    3 c flour (i use 2 1/2 white, 1/2 wheat with 1/2 tbl gluten)
    1 tsp salt

    in the bowl of the bread machine, add water, sugar, and yeast. let sit for 10 min. then add the other ingredients. i set my machine on the basic cycle with light crust.

    i know it doesn't have that much whole wheat in it, but i'm ok with that.

  14. Looks so good. Perhaps a breadmaker is going on my Christmas list. I can almost taste it. Looks like some good recipes above

  15. I got a bread machine this summer too. I searched and searched for a good bread recipe, and I decided that I LOVE this recipe:

    * 1 1/4 cup water
    * 2 TBS honey
    * 2 TBS butter, softened
    * 1 1/4 teaspoon salt
    * 2 tablespoons powdered milk
    * 1 2/3 cup flour
    * 1 cup whole wheat flour
    * 1/3 cup rolled oats
    * 1 1/4 tsp active dry yeast OR 3/4 tsp fast rise yeast

    Add ingredients to bread machine in order directed by machine manufacturer. Choose whole grain or whole wheat setting, light crust. This recipe makes a 1.5 lb loaf. Enjoy!


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