Thursday, July 02, 2009

That's the last time I'm mowing the lawn.

Let me give you some advice.

If your husband is really busy and you think you will help him out by mowing the lawn, make sure there is plenty of gas in the mower before you pull the start thing with all your might over and over and over again.
Because not only will you look really silly, but you might also sprain your rotator cuff.

And that totally hurts.

In other news, Stella wore pig tails today.
It was darling.

Have a very happy Independence weekend!
We are headed out of the heat and into the mountains.


  1. yes, I love it! The sad part, is that this happens to me all the time (I know it is wrong, but I kind of like mowing the lawn). I have even had neighbors finally come over and start it for me (in one pull of course). And mine even has gas - it is an old stubborn thing.

    I am happy I am not the only one to almost dislocate my shoulder over a lawn mower.

  2. I'll mow your lawn if you'll parent my 3 year old.


  3. STOP with the adorable stella pics steph! you know i can't take being apart from grandkids a moment longer. sigh.

    and p.s. that old pic of oliver and mabel holding up the "happy birthday jooj" sign is up on my work's cubicle wall and i find myself staring at it alllll day. i love it so much.

  4. I've never had to mow a lawn in my life (thanks to all my brothers). Hope your shoulder feels better soon!

  5. I have done the very same thing...I am so sorry! I have not had to mow the lawn since my only son turned 11! I makes me so happy to watch him work so hard and take pride in the job. It's been three years and the thrill of our riding lawn mower has not worn off yet! He still has to do the push mower around the trees...but I DON"T!

  6. that totally stinks, sorry to hear about that. your trip to utah looks so pretty. we have plans to go there the end of july. fun times.

  7. I couldn't pull the start on our old lawn mower. It was so great our neighbor C was also outside so he could pull it for me.

    The ponies are cute. She is totally not a toddler anymore.

  8. I cannot remember how I came across your blog....glad I did though....too cute!

    at least you know you'll never have to mow again....I should try spraining my rotary cuff on a few other household chores....if it will get me out of doing them:)

  9. I'm sorry that I laughed at you just now.


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