Friday, July 10, 2009

My sister gives the best presents.

Look what Leslie sent me for my birthday.
(I'm turning 30! next month.)

I've always dreamed of owning a dress form.
I just love it.
I feel so official now.
Do you want me to make you a dress?
Because I can.

I think this green dress will be my first project.
What do you think, Les?
It's very you.
(And really, it's the least I can do.)


  1. Oh my I love your sister!!! I could only dream of such a gift! Maybe if i hint around now, come February I can selebrate 30 with a dress form too! And the green dress would be my pick too!!

  2. Wow! I love that idea! I have been wanting a black one but I like your color. It goes perfectly with your new pink paint...coincidence??

  3. that's SO SO exciting! les does give the best gifts. oh wow. so cool. i love the way dress forms look even when they're not being used. and yes i will ask you to make me a dress someday steph :)

  4. such a great gift - you are professional indeed. and i agree - that dress is SO leslie.

  5. i'm so glad you like it. i wasn't sure about the color, but it's the only color they had!! i would love to have that dress! we could share it. :)

  6. Leslie is the epitome of thoughtfulness! and what a great color and i love the green dress for Leslie! Have fun with it - mom

  7. The dark pink of the dress form complements the blush pink of your sewing room perfectly. I look forward to seeing the talented results of your future sewing projects.

  8. I've been checking in with your blog ever since the SuperMom Series! And I am a friend of Josie's! What a small world in bloggy land.

    Would you be willing to cut a second pattern and mail it to me? I would be willing to pay for your time and the shipping! I have searched the internet high and low for this same pattern and have come up empty handed. I have some dupioni silk in Champagne that I think would look great in the short sleeve dress! My email is

  9. You so don't know me, but I've commented before. Can I pay you to make me a dress or three? Seriously?

  10. hello, i recently stumbled on your blog and LOVE the patterns you have. i would also be willing to pay you for a duplicate pattern. let me know if that would work.

  11. would love a pattern of this too is that possible - I live in Australia

    or would you make a dress and ship to Australia? At what cost?



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