Thursday, June 25, 2009

Other Random Pictures

Sometimes blogs can be like boring vacation slide shows. I know this. I have tried to exercise some restraint, I promise. Here are the last of the trip pictures, then I can get back to posting about my really glamorous and exciting everyday life. :)

We brought Champ with us and he was in heaven.
He only got car sick once. :)
I don't know what he's going to do in our Arizona room now.
Poor guy.

The horse-feeding, pajama-wearing crowd.

Typical Pa behavior - hugging kids while talking on the phone.

I love these people.

We bought CurlFormers while we were there.
They are totally awesome and worth every penny.

Some of the boys in their hoodies - Miles, Oliver, and Max
It was cold!

Leslie, I just realized that almost all of these are your pictures. Thanks for letting me steal them!


  1. no worries, of course. i love that one of mike & the kids at tucanos. :)

  2. looks like a really amazing place! We'll have to check out those curl formers :)

  3. Everyone looks like they had so much fun!
    Mabel's hair looks adorable... we were thinking about getting those curl formers for the girls.
    And Bama is on crutches? Is that for her back??

  4. you can never have enough pictures of those mountains. i'm so glad champ got to enjoy the outdoor, too. we should totally take him up to robby's parents in heber. he would love it there.

    call me.

  5. ginger, that's just mom's handy hiking/walking stick. it does look like a crutch, though! :)


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