Monday, February 09, 2009

Do you follow the Empire?

You should.
Reachel is a certified fashion genius.

I took a break from my usual jeans and t-shirt and let Reachel dress me up in all sorts of lovely things the other morning. My kids were kind of speechless.

This photo was obviously taken before Reachel got her stylish hands on me.
This is me being a not so fancy mom.
(Mabel's new teeth are coming in majorly wonky and I was taking a break from the laundry to check them out.
Yikes! A trip to the dentist might be in order.

You can see me all dolled up in Anthropologie's finest all week, here.
(I think I will keep my day job, though. I might be the most unphotogenic person on the planet, and I am definitely not cut out to be a model. But it was fun.)

Thank you Reachel! It was nice to feel glamorous for a little bit.
I know it's possible to dress well and be a mom at the same time. I just need to figure out my signature style and get shopping.

p.s. Don't tell Mike about that shopping part.


  1. i think you looked great! i was hoping for more outfits. is there an uncut version?

  2. there's going to be a new outfit every day this week for a total of 5 outfits/signature styles.

  3. oh. ok. yay! and i love your new jeans.

  4. well you looked cute in the dress but i love your jeans and top, too! i am a jeans kinda girl. i do wish i could fancy them up a bit, though. i have no fashion sense whatsoever. does reachel travel? hahaha

  5. Steph, you looked great in the dress and crochet top but I like you best in your jeans and top.
    Love and Hugs

  6. You did a great job modeling! I already know my signature style is jeans and t-shirt- anything else with spit up or splashed food or messy faces rubbed on them would make me grumpy. Maybe a "date night" outfit or 2 would be nice though! I will be watching your fitting room Fridays!

  7. c'est fantastique!
    and can i just say that you look swell in your jeans and tee - pray tell where you got that long-enough-yet-still-flattering tee? i still covet your locks every time i see a photo of you, girl!

  8. lovely! reachel is good at what she does. and you looked awesome. i want your hand-me downs when you have your next baby. :)

  9. Stephanie, where did you get the jeans you are wearing?

  10. Love the outfits. You look great in them and so skinny! What's your secret?


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