Friday, September 19, 2008

I was wrong.

She insisted on helping me sort the laundry rather than take her nap.

Remember when I said that Stella was my best sleeper?
Well, I was wrong.
Turns out she's not.

But we'll keep her anyway.


  1. I'm predicting it's just a phase. She is such a sweetie, no way she is a bad sleeper! :-)

  2. oh look at all her hair! i'm so glad i'm seeing her soon, she's growing too much too fast.

  3. Of course you will keep her!!!!!
    Can't wait to see you
    Hugs and Hugs

  4. ahhh! i love that line of chubby thumb to chubby wrist to chubby arm crease. and her little leg tucked under! she is the most darling baby, steph.

  5. i get to hug and kiss her for 1/2 a day next friday in utah! :)

  6. i used to think that lucas was an excellent sleeper. i was also wrong. he sucks. i'll be up at least 2x tonight. and i'm too tired to do anything but stick a boob in his mouth... which only further perpetuates the evilness that is my kid.

  7. The missed naps are the worst - but look at her in that adorable shirt! What a cutie. Don't worry, I bet the naps will be back.(ems)

  8. not only is your baby darling, but that shirt she is sporting is beyond darling as well!

  9. Love the cute little outfit!


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