Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall Fling

Did you know that Mike and I met at the BYU Fall Fling our freshman year?
I know, that's so sweet, right?
Well, that's a story for another time.

We are home.
It was a wonderful trip.
Thank you Mom and Dad!

Here are my favorite shots:

At first she wasn't so sure about wearing long sleeves, but it was cold!

I think this is the only picture I have of just me and my kids.
I sure do love them.

The leaves were beautiful.
It was exactly the fall get-away that we needed.


  1. So glad that you could get away to such a beautiful place. Now I am counting the days until you are here. Can hardly wait.
    Love and Hugs

  2. That was a quick trip!

    Stella is a little doll! I can't believe how much she looks like Oliver at the moment (although in a cute, girly way!)

  3. Stella is getting so big! Love the pictures.

  4. Oh how I could use a fall getaway! Lucky!

  5. i love that picture of you and the littles, you all look so happy. and the colors! oh the colors. I've never been lucky enough to get away to Sundance during those perfect few weeks of color. maybe next year.

    also, did you happen to be journaling the night you met mike? i would love to know the exact date (since i met neal the same night), but i skipped it in my journal. got the first date, but not the first meeting . . .

  6. welcome back! The pix are amazing. Looks refreshing.

    p.s. sorry about my little entrepreneur.

  7. That pic of you with the kids is just perfect. I'm glad it was a fun trip, but sorry that it's still so hot back here at home!

  8. Okay so I know women don't usually like to hear this about their babies, but Stella is getting so big. I'm so glad you post pictures of your kids on here. They are too beautiful! I love the pic of just you and them. It looks really peaceful.

  9. Great pictures. The first one reminds me of a painting called "Pathway" that Tyler has done.

  10. I wish we had fall colors here in Vegas. It's still hot here too but not three digits. Thank goodness!!

    See you this weekend.

  11. It was so fun seeing you last week. How did we let all those years go by? Your kids are adorable and we will be keeping Stella in mind after Nathan's mission. Will you make sure and save her for us?

  12. LOVE that photo of you and your kiddos - get it in a frame!

  13. oh my hair hotness! i'm getting my hair cut tonight and if i had straight hair, i'd do it JUST like that. love that picture. glad you had fun.


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