Monday, September 29, 2008

Every mom deserves an office.

This is mine.

When I was a junior at BYU, I read A Room of One's Own, by Virginia Woolf.
I wouldn't call myself a deep thinker (that title belongs to my little sister, who reads Virginia Woolf for pleasure) and I am definitely not a feminist, but I loved the idea that women need their own space.

So when I saw my first "mom office" in a dreamy house in Indiana,
I was smitten.
It was really beautiful.
I have been on the lookout for my own room ever since.

When we moved into our 1978 Ranch house in Arizona, it didn't have my office. But it did have a little room conveniently located off of the kitchen that could be the perfect office space. Inconveniently, it was full of laundry room things (like a washer and dryer). Since Mike is all about making my dreams come true (isn't he wonderful?), he hired a plumber for my birthday (I kind of miss being 28) and had the laundry room moved into the previously unused/wasted half of the Arizona room.

One side of my office is for sewing (not pictured) and one side is for computer-ing (pictured).
It's just little, but I think it is perfect.

All women need a room of their own.
I am lucky to have mine.


  1. I'm jealous!
    Looks GREAT.

  2. What a perfect blogging spot. Congrats on your very own beautiful space.

  3. i love it, it's perfect, just like the rest of your house!!

  4. I'm so jealous. I have actually spent my day clearing out my craftroom/office space that is currently cluttered with leftover stuff from the remodel. After Ollie's room, it is the next to get finished!

  5. I wish I was Stephanie.

  6. That's fantastic!

  7. oh yes i just reread my favorite bits of "the waves" just last night! virginia is my fave. i think she would have been proud of your space :)

  8. I'm so happy you have your own space. You deserve it. Way to go Mike!

  9. Yay! I am so glad you have an office. Off the kitchen is the perfect place too... you can stick in a few minutes of sewing here and there, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish while waiting for water to boil!

    Uhm, can you please come decorate my house for me?!?

  10. i completely agree. right now, my room is our L shaped closet with a window. but someday i will get my own room and come to you for advice on how i can make it my own.

    ps. i like really miss you.

  11. That is wonderful, on many levels.

  12. lovely - I'm so very jealous.

  13. Ah mike - what a lady's man. The office is very hip - I love the "C" on the wall - and while I know that purse isn't part of the space, it sure is cute!

  14. when i first saw the picture i thought "love the desk", that is so nice to have your own little space. that is really a good idea.

  15. Awesome! Lucky girl you are.

  16. first, i found your blog through busy bee lauren, who i found through a friend (the life cycle of blog stalking.)

    i really enjoy your blog,

    but why the negative connotation of being a feminist?

    just wondering.


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