Friday, August 22, 2008

My Mom

Jooj, my mom, and my dad with teeny Stella on her blessing day

Today is my mom's birthday.
I thank my Father in Heaven everyday for my mom.

Whenever I am frustrated with my kids, I think about how I never heard my mom raise her voice. Ever. And then I try harder to be more patient and calm.

Whenever Oliver is bored, I think about how much my mom read to us when we were little. And then Oliver and I sit on the couch and read the time away.

Whenever Stella is tired, I think about how my mom sang and rocked us to sleep. And then I remember that Stella will only be a baby for a minute, so I rock her and sing to her and love her to sleep.

I learned from the best.

Happy birthday, Mom.


  1. What a wonderful reminder of how we can be as mothers, Thanks!

  2. Ditto Robin. Your mom is absolutely beautiful! Good gene pool; )

  3. Thanks for the tribute Stephanie! it brought a little tear to my eye. love all of you! mom

  4. yay for mom. that's a super cute picture.

  5. Funny when I think of patient, calm ,kind and loving I think of you. I dont even know you that well but you have always given off a sweet and lovely vibe. Congrats to yer' Ma who obviously did a fab job!

  6. She never raised her voice with 6 kids so close in age? That amazing!


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