Thursday, August 07, 2008

I need an intervention.

I am officially addicted to lounge wear
and I don't know what to do.

How is it that I share DNA with these two ultra stylish girls
and I can't seem to put an outfit together to save my life?

Here's the thing:
It is a million degrees outside where I live.
I spend most of my time on the floor with Miss Stella.
I still haven't lost the baby weight.
(It's only been 9 months, guy, give me a break.)
I don't like to shop.
Spending money on clothes is painful for me.

When I was in Sundance last week, my mom offered to buy me a dress.
She gave me several catalogs to choose from.
Although I found quite a few darling dresses,
I just couldn't do it.
I can't explain it.
It's a sickness.

Aak! I am the frumpy mom who can't get out of her lounge wear rut!



  1. i don't know what to tell you, steph. i, who could probably find something to wear in lane bryant or hot topic, and you, who can't even bring yourself to buy a real dress. your problem has baffled me ever since we were young and given free reign at south coast plaza. you'd come away almost empty handed. you couldn't even find stuff in the esprit store! it was downright tragic, although the tragedy was of your own making, so it was hard to feel sorry for you. :) such is life.

    i still can't get over the fact that you don't own a single pair of shoes that isn't flat. you're a weirdo. but you do look awfully cute in lounge wear, so there's that. :) love you!

  2. Does it help if I tell you that I think your lounge wear is cute. I am depressed that I feel like I'll never fit my huge butt into anything but these ugly gauchos. Even the next 6 weeks I feel is hideously long and I'll be sporting them for the next year while I lose baby weight too. it's the tragic fashion life of mothers, I guess. Don't worry, I don't think anyone thinks you're anything less than cute as a button.

  3. Steph, I always think you look great! I am really serious about that, in fact, it might surprise you to know that I am jealous of how good you look in loungewear. I can't wear it because of my saddle bags!

    I always think you look cute. Your clothes style matches how you like your house to be and how you live your life...

    Your style is your style... and it works for you... why change?!?!

  4. I'm glad someone else is feeling like that. I always set out to buy a cute outfit and walk away empty handed.

    The only problem is that I don't look near as cute as you do in lounge wear.

  5. Everyone has already said it BUT.....your lounge wear is CHIC!
    I love it. Wish I looked that good in it.
    I know how you feel though, this heat is really ridiculous and it's cooler than it has been. I melted yesterday. I prefer just wearing G's at home. They are so nice, too bad we can't just stay in those all day.
    I got two shirts at Old Navy yesterday. I hate to try on clothes. One looks ok (would look better if i was a medium) but I kept it. the other was 10 bucks and looks like crap. It shows everything. I need to find out where you live. My husband has been out of town a ton and I am going to the gym with 3 kids. I could use a buddy.
    I always intend to leave a short and simple comment and I am incapable.
    p.s. where did you get your lounge clothes?
    p.p.s my baby is 2 and I still need to lose 30.

  6. Well ya look better than I do!! It is currently 4:16 in the afternoon and I am sitting in my garments (wearing my husband's bottoms no less!!) and a tank top. :( I hear you Stephanie!

  7. they're all right, steph. your lounge wear is not nasty sweats and oversized T-shirts. even in your single day you had a way of working it in lounge-esque clothes.

    and if it helps, i've been wearing the same three things for the last 6 months because I also haven't lost the baby weight yet ...and i was only pregnant for half the time.

  8. i hope you know that the only reason i have any sense of "style" is from the example set by you and les growing up.... :) i love you and the way you dress steph! even now. but if you want we can nominate you for what not to wear! :) who wouldn't want a whole new wardrobe, c'mon!

  9. So not frumpy. That is some flattering lounge wear! You look so cute and I see no baby weight whatsoever.

  10. That is really cute- I'm stuck in a "these are my old out of style fat jeans and big shirts that I pretend hide my belly" rut- Waaaaay worse than cute "loungewear". But yes you do have a problem- if someone gave me a catalog and their credit card I would find a dress! (I think)

  11. girl, that is the most fab looking lounge wear set I've ever seen - you look totally cute! what about cute skirt/top combos - they keep you cool and yet you can get down and up off the floor easily enough. At 7 months pregnant, that's all I wear any more.

  12. well, i just think you look cute...and am super jealous of your lounge wear...someday when I'm a mother and back to just being a dance teacher, I will live the dream of wearing only comfy clothes again...ah, sweet dreams of my future life...

  13. Well, I always think you look stylish and darling...if that helps?

  14. i hear you! my problem is that it is so much easier to buy stuff for my kids that i hardly ever get stuff for myself. erics sisters are so stinken cute and he has one sister that cuts hair and for some reason i leave my hair so plain jane i'm sure it kills her when she sees me. good luck and when you think of something to fix it let me know.

  15. I think you look great! I, on the other hand, can't find anything cute to fit my giant body into these days. I even got 2 gift cards to clothing stores from my cousin and niece for my birthday. How's that for a hint? It was so depressing... at the reunion Leslie and I happened to have the same shirt. She looked so much cuter in it! And my husband is the fashion king. *Sigh* But I'd take lessons from you any day.


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