Thursday, July 03, 2008

Speaking of Mabel's artwork...

Like most kids, Mabel can't stand to throw anything away. (Even trash.)
So she had accumulated quite a mountainous pile of paper under her bed-
completed drawings, drawings she was "still working on", mess-ups, plain paper, etc.
We had to do something.
It was getting ridiculous.
I think it might have even been a fire hazard.

My mother-in-law had the brilliant idea to put her pictures in a notebook.
So we sorted. And sorted.
We picked her favorite drawings from last year and filled up a fat three ring binder.

She requested that the rest be recycled.
(She is such a 21st century kid.)

the cover page
It says:
"Pictures from when I was 5.
Pictures from the past"

Clever, huh.


  1. What a great idea. When she has her own kiddos they can see her art work when she was 5. When she becomes a famous artist the media can trace her talent back to when she started.
    Easy way to save them too.
    Love and hugs

  2. Wowie. That's a LOT of artwork. I love her fancy M in Mabel on the cover. And her drawing in the previous post is very lovely. What a talented little artist!

  3. so cute! I love her girl drawing. I bet the rest are awesome too.

  4. i miss you guys so much. can you ask mabel if she would do a portrait of gracie with her curly hair? i think it would be awesome.

  5. So cute! That is a great idea!

  6. Great idea; we need some serious help too with all the kid-paperwork around here...

  7. this made me teary and made me miss teaching elementary school.

    you are such a great mom, steph. i hope you soon have a whole library full of her artwork!

  8. Pictures from the past? I'm dying here.

  9. great idea! i love her cover page. :)


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