Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Cookie of the Day

Double Chocolate Chunk

I wasn't really kidding about always having cookies in this jar.
I love cookies.
That's why we just got the Wii Fit.
So I could eat cookies.
(Wii Fit is F-U-N, by the way.)

(Also, I recently spotted this cookie jar at Target. Oh happy day for all of you dark-red-loving-cookie-jar-needing-Kmartless people out there.)

Sorry, no recipe today.
These delicious cookies are made from a Betty Crocker mix.
They immediately bring me back to the fall of 1998
(guy, that seems like a long time ago!).
I was a sophomore at the B Y, living in the Yellow Brick House.
My roommate, Brooke F. liked to whip up a batch of these cookies super late at night. Except she would make them huge.
(Fellow YBHers, am I the only one who remembers this?)

Mabel and Oliver thought they were pretty allright.


  1. lucky, man we've been calling every store for wii fit and they are nowhere to be found, i bet it is way fun! totally jealous

  2. my husband just bought us a wii yesterday on a whim! we wanted it for christmas last year, but couldn't find it anywhere! It is so fun! I'll have to look into the wii fit. Heaven knows I need to work out.

  3. i do not remember brooke f. ever cooking. i do remember her ordering thai chili gardens, however. mmm ... cookies and thai chili gardens - that sounds perfect.

    in other news, i wish we had a wii fit.

  4. cookies sound good . . .

    love the pictures of your cute kids. :)

  5. How cute are your little ones?? I'm afraid if I were to even have enough counter space to have a cookie jar, which thankfully I don't, my hips would not be happy!! Looks good though! You've gotta post pics of doing the Wii fit!!

  6. I admit to liking those BC cookie mixes too... sometimes they are so much more simple than making cookies from scratch!

    Loving the cookie jar!

  7. I loved the cookie jar so much I drove to K-mart and they didn't have one so thought I would stop at Target and Hooray there it was.
    How much cuter can these babies get?
    Love and Hugs

  8. I need to get a cookie jar!

    On an unrelated note, are you related to someone running for state representative whose signs I saw around Mesa today? Just curious :)

  9. blast! i don't remember those either. but like lu, i do remember the chili gardens ...and lots of skiing.

    p.s. i totally have a crush on oliver. that photo of him sitting on the floor in the red shirt is divine! what a handsome little man!!

    miss you!

    and i think you need to post about the wii fit. i need details.

  10. Those Betty Crocker cookie mixes are better than most recipes I've tried- they are a staple here too.
    PS- I love the cookie jar- I would be making and eating cookies every day if I tried that, they wouldn't last.

  11. #1 Because you have the same last name and I think it's not all that common of a last name
    #2 Because I thought that since you live here but aren't from here, I thought your husband's family might live here
    #3 from what little I know of your husband, there is some family resemblance in his photo on the signs

    We were driving home from camping this afternoon and passed several of them between north Mesa and where we live in Gilbert, so I had several opportunities to study them, including while stopped at red lights. Good luck to him! Way to get involved! :)


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