Monday, May 12, 2008

This is painful.

Last Friday night, I ate some bad food. I have had the most intense nausea of my life ever since. This is especially painful because in my fridge I currently have the following:

a. heath bar cake (a.k.a. better than you-know-what cake)

b. a one pound box of See's dark chocolate

Neither one sounds the least bit appetizing and it is killing me.


  1. oh no. dr neal wants to know if your tummy is tender. maybe your appendix? i wish i were there to help with the chocolate. i mean kids.

  2. oh no! that is awful. and i'm jealous of your fridge's contents, because they sound appetizing to me! especially the see's. i came home, looking forward to a special chocolate treat only to realize that the dog and enjoyed it for me.

  3. Yikes! Since Friday? That doesn't seem right... does food poisoning usually last that long? Stella is soo adorable! That shirt you made her is really cute!

  4. ew, bummer!! I hate that for you and I'd be happy to take care of those wonderful delights...I'd hate to see them go to waste! Feel better sweetie...

  5. I hate to be worrisome, but I agree with Leslie and Judy that that is way too long for food poisoning. You need to go see your doctor.

    Good luck!

  6. PLEASE go to the doctor. Food poisoning does not last that long.
    It usually is only a day or so. Of course you may not even feel like reading you blog so maybe I will call you today.
    Love and Hugs

  7. Cruel, cruel fate!

  8. the heath bar cake. we call it better then hugs cake when the kiddios are around. sorry to hear your not feeling well.


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