Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's downright chilly outside.

(This is our lovely backyard. It's currently just dirt and a few citrus trees. We have grand plans for it, though.)

We have been enjoying a pretty mild spring in these parts.
It's hardly even gotten into the 90s!

Mike stayed home from work today to help me because I am sick. But with a forcasted high of only 79 he decided his time would be better spent digging trenches for our new sprinkler system.
I guess it's a good thing that I am feeling a teeny bit better because I don't think I am going to get much help.

But at least I will get sprinklers.


  1. sorry you're still sick steph. :( love you lots!

  2. you're more adventurous that i am... if it were up to me, we'd have a rock garden.

  3. I'm sorry you're still sick, but I am excited for you to get sprinklers. They are great!

  4. your backyard is HUGE! it is going to be so fun when it's all done!

    and sorry about the not wanting sees. that is a true sign of sickness.

  5. wow your yard looks TONS different from when you first bought the house.

  6. Can you believe the weather?? When I went to pick up my kindergartner from school at 11:00, it was only 65 degrees outside! I was actually a little cold.
    As for your yard, I'm sure it will be lovely. It is SO big, and you have citrus trees... I'm a little jealous.

  7. I was fully expecting triple digits, thought that's what I heard on the news. I was thrilled to go out today and find it overcast and we cancelled our trip to tempe sprinkler park because it was too cold. SHOCKING! I only wish it could stay this way all summer.
    Sorry you are sick. Seems you have had it in your house for awhile, or is it food poisoning?
    i don't know if you are interested but i have started using (shock to myself) some natural (i know i know) stuff from drschulze.com. He has a product for food poisoning, and really any illness. i have been using the echinacea to keep my immune system strong and haven't been sick for a long time. Sorry for the novel.

  8. I decided to take advantage of the the "chilly" whether by making chili. It will probably my last chance till the fall.
    And if you're wondering, I have started blogging again. Let's hope the signal stays strong this time:)

  9. what a charming red gate! (How is it that everyone has food poisoning?? Ugh. I am SO sorry!)

  10. I too enjoyed the weather and made a classic jewish matzoh ball soup for my calssic LDS fam'. Love all your projects and posts its nice to be bloggin buddies! Hope ya feel better soon!

  11. So... where are you building the coop and run for your chickens? :)


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