Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Help Wanted

1. Mike is looking for part- or full-time office help (answering phones, booking appts., general office work, etc.). If you or someone you love needs a job, email mikeATwhiteglovecarpetDOTcom. He is a nice boss. I promise.

2. I need your help, too. I have an extremely serious case of blogging block and can't seem to find the cure. What should I do?


  1. Maybe I should drop off my resume. I would just need a daycare that would be free, ya know. :)

  2. no help here for mike. i can't believe he still hasn't found a responsible person for that job! poor mike. :(

    as for you, i have no ideas. if i did, i'd blog about them. alas.

  3. Oh the woes of self-employment! Wish we lived there. Maybe I could help Mike and we could find someone else to do my job for Tyler's company :/
    Blogger's block seems to be a serious illness we're all suffering from. Maybe summer will cure it!

  4. My 19 year old sister is in need. She likes physical labor and is a bigtime tomboy. She works hard so maybe it would be good.
    I noticed the lack of postings and have missed all of your fun insights.

  5. I'm glad to hear the problem is blogger's block and not that you're all still in bed since last week :) I was starting to worry!

    More pictures of the kids always make great posts; yours are adorable! I also love recipes. Or want ads, whatever :)

  6. Oy! I've got some blogger's block, too. Glad I'm not the only one :-)

    I'm looking for a part-time job, but alas, I don't think we live in the same city (let alone state). Good luck with the employee search!

  7. Just blog picture of my great grandchildren,
    they are adorable and everyone loves to see them. Les said you are doing your yard- tell about that. Are you sewing? What are youi making? Love looking at your blogs.
    Hugs and More Hugs

  8. No help for Mike, except to say that he might get a more responsible person if he pays more?

    As for blogger block... what is the problem? Take a break. Eventually you will be ready to get back into it...

    Although I wouldn't complain if all you did was post cute pics of your kiddos. I hope we get to meet Miss Stella this summer!

  9. Do the ultimate food survey I did on mine last month. I'd love to read your answers.

  10. My sister the librarian says there are some fun books at the library for just your case! They offer fun blog post ideas. So get over to the Mesa branch nearest you and start reading. :) My favorite post of yours as of late is "These are the Days, or My Ode to Motherhood." I find myself thinking about it.

  11. I don't know of anyone looking for a job... but I'm thinking of getting my carpets cleaned... so I may just call. :)

    I really think blogger's block is going on a lot lately. But it's okay. We all have more important things to do.

  12. we are requesting a pic of stella in her chubby blue chair!


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