Thursday, April 03, 2008

I'm trying really hard not to think about it.

Last night, as I lay sleeping, something was crawling on my face and bit me 6 times.
(That is like my worst, grossest nightmare.)
Why did the bite on my eyelid have to be the one to swell?

Also, I cut my bangs.


  1. Your bangs look very cute! And I am totally getting the heebie jeebies! Are you going to be able to fall asleep tonight?

  2. boo to bugs, but boo-ya for bangs!

  3. mrs dub is so funny.

    that is quite yucky. at least it wasn't a bat like mom had. ick.

    your hair looks so cute! i'm jealous of any and all people who can have bangs. they've always looked so good on you. remember when you'd hold them back when we were little and say, "What if I didn't have bangs?" and we'd laugh and laugh?

    well, you look good either way. :)

  4. Oooh Grosss! The bug thing, not the bangs. They look Great!. I do hair at home and I sure wish I had someone that could cut the back of my hair for me. Wish it was as easy as bangs.
    That is really scary, were there any signs of the critter? My friend just found a scorpion in her house. AGHH! I hate bugs!

  5. Ewww!!!!!!!!!! If it makes you feel any better my uncle who is Hawaiian was in Hawaii and he woke up to a big huge spider SITTING ON HIS FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And when I say huge he referenced his palm. Yeah. I think I would have a nervous breakdown.

  6. Oh Steph, I am so sorry. Bob had a spider last week in LV and it bit him sometime in the night. He has two big marks on his arm and it made him feverish and sick. Never fouind the spider so don't know what kind it was. He is back home now and okay. I am glad this one didn't make you sick. A swollen eye is no fun.
    Love your bangs.
    Love and Hugs

  7. i think that's everyone's wrost, grossest nightmare. i'm glad you survived at least!

  8. I totally feel for ya. Had that happen right before going to a work dinner for David. not fun.

    And mrs dub is hilarious.

  9. Your bangs are super cute.
    Did your mom really have a bat bite her? One time this bug bit inside my ears. Yeah, totally gross. It looks like I had ear zits. Ear zits that itched real bad. So I feel your pain, haha.

  10. sorry about the bugs! it gives me chills to think about it.

    cute bangs!

  11. oh, i agree totally the grossest nightmare come true! Sorry to hear about that. when i was little i was sleeping and woke up to something crawling on my leg... it was a HUGE roach crawling up my leg. it was nasty. (as i write this my skin still crawls.)

  12. I am so so sorry I didn't
    even notice and I talked to you for about 2 hours at the park. Well you were wearing shades, but come on! Wow, 6 times that's crazy. I hope you feel better.

  13. Ohhh the thought of a creepy-crawly on your FACE...I hate that thought. I hope it doesn't itch too bad.
    Love, love, love the bangs.

  14. Yikes!

    But super cute bangs :)

  15. Oh no! I have had that happen. Ugh. Just shag those cute bangs down to the one will ever know. :)

  16. ahhhhh! this is one of my nightmares as well! i totally have the willies. i will be thinking of you when i close my eyes tonight.

    also, i was in william-sonoma tonight and got so homesick for you! then i started thinking about your amazing culinary creations--like that super yum-a-licious lemon cake with that incredible glaze. i am so sad that i missed out on your phone call to get together (we were at the hospital as one of our dearest friends had a baby!)

    here's to next time! and cute bangs! and lemon desserts!

    love you!!


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