Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Are our lightswitches uncommonly high?

Or is our 3 year old uncommonly short?

It's so frustrating!


  1. I live in a 1948 building. My light switches are at 53 inches (for the switch not the plate)

    I don't have a three year old to measure.

    Though I seem to recall jumping to flip the switch at one point in my life.

  2. Frustrating! But at least he has a horse and Dinosaur there to back him up: )

  3. max can barely reach ours - he's 4 1/2. jonah is close, but not there yet. (he's 3)

    i know there are products out there to help little people reach -they might be called extenders. we have one in the kids bedroom so they can turn the light on by themselves. :)

  4. uncommonly high, averagely short.

  5. it's alright. he's just right. i wish that he "won't grow any bigger".

  6. He will be tall enopugh before you know it!!!
    Love and Hugs

  7. Lily is 3 and the only lightswitch i want her to reach is the bathroom. before she could she would cry and yell that it was too dark to go potty. now that she can reach it, i love it. going potty without is such a parent relief.

  8. I have this one memory of trying to reach our light switches as a little girl. Neither my friend, nor I, could manage it. She was reaching up really high, and I was saying, "Use your middle finger—it's the longest!" :)


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