Monday, February 11, 2008

Out of the Archives

Mabel, age 2

I don't know about you, but I am plum out of blogging ideas.
So just enjoy a little cuteness circa 2004.


  1. You should post Mabel's hide-and-seek video with Cathy. I love that video. ("where she can be?")

  2. i'm out of ideas, too, but don't go wishin' for them. you might have a crime committed in your backyard. if you know what i mean.

  3. lol, leslie. stephanie that is such a great picture! you have got a great eye. i love her little cheeks. :)

  4. So cute. And to think you'll have an identical little cute two-year-old in about two years.
    I hear ya on the blogging deal. For me, it seems like it's taking too much effort.
    And Leslie, I read your story a few hours ago and STILL have the creeps.

  5. That is a precious picture. How 'bout you blog about Neal coming to visit and what he thought. Oh, wait... maybe I'm the only one interested in that and they seem a little closed mouth :/ You think they're hiding from me? 'Cuz if they move to AZ... I putting a "For Sale" sign out and packing my boxes to follow!

  6. She is so adorable!


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