Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I was too busy to blog.

Too busy hanging out with this sister.
It was fun.
Now I really really hope she moves here.

p.s. Les, thanks for leaving your family, risking your life to fly here, cleaning my house, taking care of my kids, and telling me that you will seriously consider moving to Arizona. I love you.


  1. Oh, I hope you two get to live near each other someday!!! My sister moved to Georgia a little over a year ago and I have LOVED having her nearby. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  2. That would be awesome! Especially since it would mean she would be closer to Cali and maybe come visit me (or I could come to AZ). I will cross my fingers!!

    Sisters are the best!! I wish I had one that lived a bit closer too!

  3. i had so much fun, that picture is silly, and neal can't wait for his turn. :)

  4. Oh I remember those 2 very cute little girls. Love the picture and the 2 grownup girls.
    Love and Hugs

  5. What an adorable picture! Aren't sisters just the best? I'm so lucky to have both of mine nearby.

  6. I am voting for Arizona too. We LOVE it there and are continually looking for any excuse to move. I don't know if Neal will go for it, though.

  7. how fun to have a sister come! i'll start praying that she wants to move to az.

  8. Your kids are so cute! I can see that you are a great mom.


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