Monday, November 05, 2007

This is Julianne.

She is my sister.
Today she turns 23.
She lives in Oxford, England,
where she is studying to get her Masters degree in African Studies.
When she is done, she plans on making the world a better place.
As you can see, besides being completely brilliant,
she is really beautiful and also has fantastic style.
She has a blog, and lucky for you, it's no longer private.
Happy birthday, Jooj!

You can read more about her here.


  1. yay for jooj. i love that dress of hers.

  2. i'm glad she took the reader block off. i've always been interested in what someone does in oxford. or someone who travels the world, for that matter.

  3. love jooj. love her blog. love her sheer essence. i need some more jooj myself.

  4. thanks steph!! :) i love and miss you.

  5. 23 today, Wow, Look at all the things she will be able to accomplish in making this world a better place. She is a wonderful girl and I am so proud to have her as one of my grandaughters.
    LWove and Hugs

  6. wow, she is 23 and she is getting her masters! that is great. i guess school seemed so long for me with having kids between it. oh well, i got my degree.. amen. she is a cute girl.


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