Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I promise this is the last one.

Honeymooners, Hawaii, 2001

That was our little hut (o' love).

Now I have to come up with real blogging material. Shoot.
Posting these pictures was a nice little break.


  1. Loved seeing the photos, Steph. This looks like a great photo wall.
    And I'm sorry it's so hot at noon.... my kids used to walk down the street to the elementary school together. And when Cleo was the only student, I'd walk her down. So enjoyed that! In the sixth grade, she began NOT holding my hand when we approached the school. And then later, she seemed to think 'oh, hang it!' and would hold my hand all the way to school.
    Gotta love a girl like that. :)

  2. will you come do my wall? i have three mismatching frames with my fave pics barely standing on top of our tv stand. that is an extremely loud cry for help.

  3. you guys just drip cuteness. i'm expecting some good blog material, real soon. :)

  4. hehe. hut o' love. I love it!


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